Smile Design

If you have been self conscious of your smile due to dental concerns, Dr. Rainville and the team of professionals at Downtown Dental Care can ensure that you never have to avoid smiling ever again. We integrate a comprehensive corrective philosophy while working in tandem with reputable orthodontists and other specialists to coordinate, manage and provide a transformative appearance of your teeth regardless of the current condition of your smile. Whether you currently have unsightly gaps, missing teeth, crowding, discoloration, or any other smile issue, we have the experience, skills, expertise and professional connections to provide you with the smile you have been wanting. At Downtown Dental Care, our individualized approach to providing care demonstrates our commitment to treating you as we ourselves want to be treated in a dignified, confidential, pressure-free, consistent, and informed manner. With innovative and modern dental approaches --- and with our experienced dental team members at your service --- you can rest assured you are receiving the very best there is to offer in order to smile with confidence!

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