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It takes ongoing attention and diligence to properly maintain a home. There are checklists for maintaining the appliances, the plumbing, the heating and cooling, the exterior, the interior, and everything in between --- just to name a few of the many considerations. Similar to home maintenance, our dental health depends upon maintaining a checklist of considerations related to our teeth, gum tissues, bony support, and the integrity of the muscles and joints that allow us to comfortably chew in order to maintain appropriate nutrition and excellent dental health. Like home maintenance, dental maintenance is best performed on a regular, ongoing basis in order to diagnose and treat smaller considerations before they become larger, more involved reconstruction demands. With the passage of time, adult dental patients become more susceptible to cracked and broken teeth, dryness of the mouth, periodontal gum disease and oral cancer. At Downtown Dental Care, you can be assured that our team of professionals will proactively --- yet conservatively --- work with you to provide thorough, mindful care suited for your individualized needs. It is our commitment to provide recommendations, options, and comfortable, predictable care in a timely manner for a lifetime of dental comfort.

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