Dental Cleanings And Periodontal Health

Regular, thorough, and ongoing professional dental cleanings assist our patients in maintaining excellent dental health. The foundation for the support of our teeth relies upon healthy bony structure and gum tissues free of inflammation. By regularly removing mineralized deposits (“tartar” or “calculus”) while providing feedback for maintenance of healthy gingival (gum) tissues, dental cleanings are one of the most important --- if not THE most important --- avenues of care we provide for our patients. At Downtown Dental Care, we are dedicated to providing calm, comfortable, thorough cleanings while providing instruction and mindful feedback for the continual process of improvement for developing solid home care maintenance habits. During dental cleanings, our patients are regularly informed about the status of their periodontal health and if we identify areas of periodontal concern, our patients’ needs can be referred to reputable dental specialists who focus on the treatment and health of the supportive system (gum tissue and bone) for their periodontal health.

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